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Ecru. Irk. Rue.
Heart no Kuni no Alice is another popular otame game, but a lot more darkening than the typical. It is based on Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland tale. Except a few major changes of course, like the Mad Hatter is called Blood and he is the mafia boss. Everyone in the game is dangerous (except for the clock repairman and that oddly guy with the violin)! Been days since I have last played, but it is a really good game to play! Boys are voiced of course, and the game is made for the PC. It can be downloaded somewhere online, but it takes so long to download as well..

Heart no Kuni no Alice is becoming a manga, or so I heard. I wouldn't mind grabbing a volume or a chapter to read. A scanlation group took up the job too, but is it released yet? Either way, I love my Dum and Dee ^^ Julius is pretty cute too.

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It's ending.. and I am sad. I cried three times today, for several different reasons. I'm such a crybaby. Hm, but I like to get back to being inspired again. Oh, and I'm aiming for Sai x Naruto in Naruto; too bad they don't do slashes in Shonen do they? I spent most of my late nigts and early mornings doing weird stuff. Like reading fanfics of Sai x Naruto, I can't help giggle about it. I wished I read the manga..
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Uwasa no Midori-Kun is a shojo manga that is somewhat smutty and cute at the same time.  It was made in 2007, September something. I only found out a few days ago it was a video game for the Nintendo DS. I went to download it and played it on the DS program, I was happy until I found out I couldn't save my game file. I stayed up for 8-10 hours of playing it from 10-11 PM to 7 AM where I finally had 4-6 hours of sleep. I didn't get all of the CG in the end, but that doesn't mean I won't try!

Uwasa no Midori-Kun!! Natsuiro Striker is an alright game, it is kind of short though. So I have to make a new game file, it kind of pissed me off, but whatever. I was kind of tired playing the that game yesterday, so I went to read the manga to catch up. Boy, now I am supporting Midori & Tsukasa together! I don't usually like bad guys, but he is so sweet in a devilish/innocent kind of way at times!

(It is common for manga to be made into video games, especially when it comes to shojo. Most shojo manga are made into love simulation genre, where the protagonist is a female who is going after a certain guy whom she chooses.)  

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For those who are having trouble finding what seems to be never existing at all? I have listed down some of the most useful search engines for our fitting and important interests.

Anime; Drama; Movie;  and fan-made:

Search Engine; for information:

Update soon.

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